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RichTea Projects is an art partnership working with people and places to create unique experiences and artworks that inspire, respond, educate and highlight the unusual and unknown aspects of communities and towns.

We work with local people to research and uncover forgotten histories and aspirations through interactions with the public that are friendly and fun. We listen to what people have to say and through this create bespoke artistic responses.

Clients & Projects

Our clients range from local authorities to arts organisations, architects and galleries. Projects we are currently working on are:


Curious Objects

range of activities to explore the current exhibition at firstsite in Colchester

Hunt & Darton Cafe

Smelling of Roses

Interactive waitressing through the art of smell!

The Fling

The essence of the Fling and Claynation

Take home smells and clay play for adults at the Chelmsford City festival

Parndon Mill

Rainham Tokens

An exhibition to highlight a recent commission installed in the village of Rainham being held at the Parndon Mill Gallery, Harlow

ENAS (Essex Network of Artists Studios)

Ongar Souvenirs

A range of handmade souvenirs being produced in response to current research into a diverse town, it's histories and future. To be exhibited at The Gibberd Gallery, Harlow

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